API to Generate JSON with AI

One Simple API Call to generate JSON Data that Perfect Fit Your Needs. Add AI data to your project in minutes, not weeks.

10,000+ API requests served

https://api.jsongpt.com/json?prompt=generate niche and five reasons to use jsongpt&niche=niche name&customers=for who&reasons=array of reasons

JsonGPT API Response

  "niche": "",
  "customers": "",
  "reasons": [


https://api.jsongpt.com/json?system=You are a SEO master&prompt=Create pSeo for keyword 'openai api'. Identify 10 similar SEO keywords. Suggest a list of 3 popular questions&meta_description&title&heading &keywords=array of similar keywords&questions=array with 3 questions

JsonGPT API Response

    "meta_description": "",
    "title": "",
    "heading": "",
    "keywords": [],
    "questions": []


Get JSON AI data in seconds

Need to get structured data from LLM, but stugling with manual parsing? Generate any JSON AI Data with JsonGPT API with validation, caching and more.

Use any JSON Schema.
Put in endpoint parameters you need, and see a magic.
Choose any LLM provider.
We help you to integrate with LLMs from OpenAI, Google Gemini, Meta LLama, Azure OpenAI, Groq, Anthropic Claude and more.
Pay less for AI generation.
With prompt caching, you avoid paying for same AI generation.
30 free API calls.

Streaming JSON

Create Generative AI UI

Every LLMs like OpenAI or Gemini, stream JSON that need to be parsed manually. Our JsonGPT API solves this problem by doing validation, removing parameter hallucinations, and refetching for you.

Get data UI in seconds.
Get your data UI ready in seconds with customizable schema.
Streaming only parameters you need.
We parse LLMs response and validate to get you only right data.
Speed-up UI generation.
With first miniliseconds we send you Json updates.
No credit card required.
https://api.jsongpt.com/json?stream&prompt=create an character for fantasy game&name&race&class&hp=0 to 100&mp=0 to 100&description=character description up to 3 sentences&spells=array with 3 spells&wisdom&charisma &constitution&intelligence

Your Application UI



Get Json Data from Website, Image or PDF

Sometimes you need to get data from image, we have solution for you

https://api.jsongpt.com/json?stream&prompt=what is that tree, how to care of it, is it sick, give tips&url=https://jsongpt.com/tree.jpg &name&is_sick&old&how_to_care&tips_and_tricks



JsonGPT API Response

  "name": "",
  "is_sick": false,
  "old": "",
  "how_to_care": "",
  "tips_and_tricks": ""

How It Works

JsonGPT API is a Proxy

JsonGPT acts as a bridge between your application and AI models from OpenAI, Gemini, and more. With a single API call, you gain access to features such as:

  • JSON validation
    save 20+ hrs
  • A simplified API
    save 2+ hrs
  • Caching prompts
    save 14+ hrs
  • JSON streaming
    save 40+ hrs
  • Re-fetch
    save 3+ hrs
  • Fallbacks
    save 5+ hrs
  • Many AI Models
    save 16+ hrs
  • Free Playground
    save 100+ hrs
  • And much more
    save ♾️ hrs

Spend less time on implementation and more on what truly matters - Building a Business.

Save Time - Use Free Playground
Maciej Pulikowski - founder JsonGPT API

Hey, it's Maciej πŸ‘‹

I am πŸ§™ Software Engineer and πŸ‘Ύ Security Researcher ( πŸ† 8 x Listed in Google's Hall of Fame)

I realized that generating JSONs from LLMs should be easy and perfect, but it is NOT. That's why I built JsonGPT API.

JsonGPT API makes it incredibly easy to get the AI-generated JSON data you need. I built it because:

  • Save time ⏳ - One simple endpoint to get AI data for new project, making everything work seamlessly without a lot of code
  • Avoid headaches πŸ€• - Parsing generated JSON from LLMs is not simple. I invested significant time to perfect it
  • Grow quickly πŸš€ - The more you build, the more you learn, the more you earn

Now, I can spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus on what truly matters - building my business. Join me on this journey 😊

OpenAI vs JsonGPT

Response Without JsonGPT API

Sure, here are five H1 headings for your landing page, along with their descriptions:

  • "Elevate Integration: JsonGPT for OpenAI Communication"
    • Empower your software with streamlined OpenAI interaction using JsonGPT.
  • "JsonGPT: Your Gateway to OpenAI Integration"
    • Seamlessly integrate OpenAI functions with JsonGPT's npm library for developers.
  • "Effortless OpenAI Integration with JsonGPT"
    • Simplify OpenAI integration; JsonGPT API, is your solution.
  • "JsonGPT: Fuel Your App with OpenAI's Power"
    • Harness OpenAI's capabilities effortlessly through JsonGPT for enhanced app performance.
  • "Transform Data Interaction: JsonGPT x OpenAI"
    • Revolutionize data handling using JsonGPT's OpenAI-powered integration prowess.

Remember, your landing page's H1 headings should be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing, encouraging visitors to explore more about your product.

Features without JsonGPT API

  • Parse text manualy or force JSON structure

  • No JSON validation - errors in JSON

  • JSON with extra parameters that break your app

  • JSON Streaming that not working
  • Harder to implement, more code to maintain
  • Only OpenAI Models
  • No Analytics
  • No Prompt Caching

Response WITH JsonGPT API

JsonGPT API Response

2  h1: [
3    {
4      title: "Elevate Integration: JsonGPT for OpenAI Communication",
5      description: "Empower your software with streamlined
6      OpenAI interaction using JsonGPT",
7    },
8    {
9      title: "JsonGPT: Your Gateway to OpenAI Integration",
10      description: "Seamlessly integrate OpenAI functions
11      with JsonGPT's npm library for developers.",
12    },
13    {
14      title: "Effortless OpenAI Integration with JsonGPT",
15      description: "Simplify OpenAI integration; JsonGPT API,
16      is your solution.",
17    },
18    {
19      title: "JsonGPT: Fuel Your App with OpenAI's Power",
20      description: "Harness OpenAI's capabilities effortlessly
21      through JsonGPT for enhanced app performance.",
22    },
23    {
24      title: "Transform Data Interaction: JsonGPT x OpenAI",
25      description: "Revolutionize data handling using
26      JsonGPT's OpenAI-powered integration prowess.",
27    }
28  ]

Features WITH JsonGPT API

  • Simple API - ready to consume by your application

  • JSON validator - NO ERRORS

  • Remove hallucinated parameters from JSON

  • Cache prompts - don't pay for same prompts

  • Simply JSON Schema - Just describe parameters

  • JSON Streaming that WORKS

  • Free playground - test your prompts

  • Re-fetch - Try X times to get JSON from AI model

  • Fallbacks - OpenAI wrong answer? Auto-try with Gemini

  • Models from OpenAI, Gemini, Groq and more...

  • Detailed Analytics

    Coming soon
  • No-Code integration

    Coming soon
  • Manage prompts from JsonGPT Website

    Coming soon

We have every answer for you

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Start your AI adventure with JsonGPT API

Generate with AI any JSON data on your rules!

Add Artificial Intelligence to your Application in minutes.

https://api.jsongpt.com/json?prompt=generate niche and five reasons to use jsongpt&niche=niche name&customers=for who&reasons=array of reasons

JsonGPT API Response

  "niche": "",
  "customers": "",
  "reasons": [